Amir Landsman: Culinary Fun With Mongolian Barbecue

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Mongolian hotpot barbecue continues to lag behind other types of Asian food in popularity and is primarily prized by serious gourmands like Amir Landsman. Based on the nomadic traditions of the Mongols, hotpot barbecue dishes focus on developing the flavors of grilled meat with spicy and savory marinades. Vegetables and rice are typically served alongside the meat and may be cooked on the same small grill. In the United States, all-you-can-eat Mongolian barbecue buffets are gaining ground, thanks to their generous portions and bright flavors. Patrons of these establishments typically choose all the ingredients for their meal to include condiments and spices. The dish is then cooked and served from the grill while all elements are still sizzling, hot and delicious.