Amir Landsman and the Power of Personal Connections

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For the entirety of his professional life, Amir Landsman has worked hard to cultivate personal relationships with his employers, employees and clients. As the founder and CEO of a revolutionary working-capital provider, he lets his personalized approach to business shine at every turn.

As a student at Haifa Open University, Landsman forged working relationships with his decorated economics professors and squeezed every last drop of value out of his education. Now that he’s at the helm of a sophisticated business cash-advance company, he’s grateful for the extra attention that he received while studying macroeconomics.

As a sales manager in the poultry industry, Landsman established connections with Israeli farmers across the country’s southern reaches. He fondly remembers the days of sealing deals with little more than a handshake, and he’s ensured that H Capital’s no-hassle application process and 24-hour approvals reflect his positive view of human nature.

These days, Amir Landsman provides each of his company’s clients with a dedicated account representative who’s always available to answer questions and address concerns. H Capital even offers a well-received referral program through which clients and other principals can recommend trusted associates for business cash-advance packages.

Landsman explains it best in his own words: “Working with individuals and understanding the human psyche is the area where I have the most to give and the most to learn.”

As H Capital continues to grow and thrive, Amir Landsman stands ready help an ever-growing roster of satisfied small-business owners.

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